About Us

Guild Goals:

To level and have a good time with a growing, but tight-knit, group of friends. One day we may be doing some fairly heavy instances/raids and work on our Endgame, others may try their hand at some serious PvP action in the battleground/arena. But for now we're each just levelling at our own pace and exploring our options as we enjoy each others' company and the world Blizzard has crafted for us.

Basic Guild Rules:

If you hang around and listen to Guild Chat for a while, you'll probably catch on to the way we talk to one another. Sync to the jive, the banter, the thrills and chills of a bunch of friends laughing it up and occasionally poking a bit of fun at one another. We may joke around a bit but we're careful not to overstep any boundaries and we don't resort to harrassment or name-calling. Remember that everything you "say" is in text-only format and doesn't come with all the body-language cues we're used to receiving in a face-to-face conversation. Please be mindful of what you say to avoid the embarassment of offending someone unintentionally. As for being intentionally offensive, that's just rude. Although the name of the guild may be Carpe Orcium, we're not especially fond of trolls, either. :P

Also, a few guildmembers are parents and they sometimes let their Little Ones play. Keep in mind that there could be kids around (they might even be disguised!) so behave accordingly. Besides, all those shocking 4-letter words we all know don't really impress anyone. And they certainly don't incline anyone to help with quests or hand out twink gear. You'll find most of us respond better to courtesy and respect than demands and cursing.

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