Karazhan Requirements

Here is some information on miniumum recommended specs for Kara entrance:

Since patch 2.4 no attunement is required for Karazhan entrance, with the acception of one party member must have the Master's Key.
While this comes with great benefit, it is nice to know your level of experience and gearing will allow you the ability to compete on dps charts or the means to keep your party alive (as a healer) and these attunement quests, which are still available for completion, will provide you with the indication either way.

To mention the obvious: this is also a great way to abtain gear, run the instances in this quest chain.

1. Obtaining Master's Key

This is the guide to the questline to get this key (your attunement to Karazhan)

A. Arcane Disturbances (47,75)
Alturus sends you on a quest with a [Violet Scrying Crystal] to take readings inside the Master's Cellar just nearby go down each passage, do your work, and return to him.The pond and the well are found inside The Master's Cellar. There are two entrances to the cellar, both are found right next to eachother at (48, 78). One of them leads to the pond, and the other leads to the well.

B. Contact from Dalaran (47,75)
NOTE: To begin this quest you also need to complete [Step 1a] Restless Activity (53,79 / 50,79), which can be solved parallel with Arcane Disturbances

C. Khadgar (15,54) in Shattrath.

D. Entry Into Karazhan (54,44)
The [First Key Fragment] to be found in the Shadow Labyrinth at Auchindoun.

E. The Second and Third Fragments Terrace of Light of Shattrath City. (54,44)
The [Second Key Fragment] to be found in The Steamvault at Coilfang Reservoir. (Arcane Container)
The [Third Key Fragment] and last key part to be found in Arcatraz at Tempest Keep. (Arcane Container)

F. The Master's Touch
Take [Restored Apprentice's Key] from the previous quest to Medivh at The Black Morass in the Opening the Dark Portal wing of the Caverns of Time and he will turn it into [The Master's Key].

G. Return to Khadgar
Take the key and show it to Khadgar in Shattrath City.

H. The Violet Eye
Khadgar directs you to return to Alturus with the key and seek help from the Violet Eye who will then start giving you quests in Karazhan.

2.Minimum Stats: (all unbuffed unless noted)

11,000 health
12,000 armor
490 defense
15-20% dodge
10-15% parry
15-25% shield block
(~45% total avoidance)

DPS Warrior
95 Hit rating
1400 AP
27% Critical Hit Rating

Feral Druids
13,000 unbuffed health
415 defense
25-30% dodge

8,000 buffed health
100 mp/5
+1000 healing

DPS Casters
8,000 buffed health
+600 damage

BM: 1800 AP, 20% crit
SV: 1500AP, 30% crit
MM: 2000AP, 20% crit

170 Hit Rating
1300 AP
23% Critical Hit Rating

** These stats or only good up to, and not including, the Curator**

(This is minimum req. I'll write a recommened set soon)
(please consider, I checked a few sites for this information and I'll update it as I see fit or feel free to update it when you have good information)

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