Crabhammer's Alchemy

CrabHammer's Alchemy level is 300. He knows the following potion recipes:

Healing Potions
Potion Level Bonus Materials
Superior Healing Potion 35 Restores 700 to 900 health Sungrass x1
Khadgar's Whisker x1
Greater Healing Potion 21 Restores 455 to 585 health Liferoot x1
Kingsblood x1
Healing Potion 12 Restores 280 to 360 health Bruiseweed x1
Briarthorn x1
Lesser Healing Potion 3 Restores 140 to 180 health Briarthorn x1
Minor Healing Potion x1
Minor Healing Potion 1 Restores 70 to 90 health Peacebloom x1
Silverleaf x1
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