Guild Partners

Guild Partners

The GM of <Resolute> and I have decided to link our guilds with a chat channel named Carpe, I have known him for some time and the guild he runs now is full of people like our own, very mature and fun-loving. We wanted to get our members and his a chance to know each other and help each other out anyway we can.

<Resolute> is progressed well into Zul'Aman, and are routinely attending Karazhan as well. They are currently looking to make a second Kara team, mostly for badges, and for their less progressed members.

The main purpose of this relationship is to make grouping contacts for instances or questing, feel free to post requests once, but please keep in mind that this is a endgame guild so they may not be interested in healing your Stockades group :p

If you'd like to be a part of this, just type "/join carpe" and it will show up in: Social > Chat > Custom
To post a message in chat, type "/#", the # being what number shows up in your Social > Chat > Custom pane
Please change the color of your chat log or you'll never see the messages: R-click general on the chat pane > Filters > Settings > Global
To change chat settings, you need to have unchecked lock chat settings in: Interface menu > Social
(and please; no Chuck Norris or Murloc jokes on this channel)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me online or email me moc.oohay|onifffirg#moc.oohay|onifffirg

No one is required or expected to participate in this, or if only wanna see the messages and not participate feel free to do that also.

Lets show these guys our best hospitality, I'm sure it will be a lasting relationship!

- Griffino

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