Pericles Enchanting

Enchant Boots - Surefooted
Enchant Ring - Healing Power
Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed
Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower
Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower
Enchant Gloves - Spell Strike
Enchant Bracer - Fortitude
Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats
Enchant Chest - Major Resilience
Enchant Cloak - Greater Arcane Resistance
Enchant Gloves - Major Healing
Enchant Gloves - Major Strength
Enchant Weapon - Major Healing
Enchant Weapon - Major Intellect
Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower
Enchant Weapon - Major Striking
Void Sphere
Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility
Enchant 2H Weapon - Greater Impact
Enchant 2H Weapon - Impact
Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Impact
Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Intellect
Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Spirit
Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Spirit
Enchant 2H Weapon - Minor Impact
Enchant 2H Weapon - Superior Impact
Enchant Boots - Agility
Enchant Boots - Greater Agility
Enchant Boots - Greater Stamina
Enchant Boots - Lesser Agility
Enchant Boots - Lesser Spirit
Enchant Boots - Lesser Stamina
Enchant Boots - Minor Agility
Enchant Boots - Minor Speed
Enchant Boots - Minor Stamina
Enchant Boots - Spirit
Enchant Boots - Stamina
Enchant Bracer - Assault
Enchant Bracer - Brawn
Enchant Bracer - Deflection
Enchant Bracer - Greater Intellect
Enchant Bracer - Greater Spirit
Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina
Enchant Bracer - Greater Strength
Enchant Bracer - Healing Power
Enchant Bracer - Intellect
Enchant Bracer - Lesser Deflection
Enchant Bracer - Lesser Intellect
Enchant Bracer - Lesser STamina
Enchant Bracer - Lesser Strength
Enchant Bracer - Major Intellect
Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration
Enchant Bracer - Minor Agility
Enchant Bracer - Minor Deflection
Enchant Bracer - Minor Health
Enchant Bracer - Minor Spirit
Enchant Bracer - Minor Stamina
Enchant Bracer - Minor Strength
Enchant Bracer - Spirit
Enchant Bracer - Stamina
Enchant Bracer - Stats
Enchant Bracer - Strength
Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing
Enchant Bracer - Superior Stamina
Enchant Bracer - Superior Strength
Enchant Chest - Exceptional Health
Enchant Chest - Greater Health
Enchant Chest - Greater Mana
Enchant Chest - Health
Enchant Chest - Lesser Absorption
Enchant Chest - Lesser Health
Enchant Chest - Lesser Stats
Enchant Chest - Major Health
Enchant Chest - Major Mana
Enchant Chest - Major Spirit
Enchant Chest - Mana
Enchant Chest - Minor Absorption
Enchant Chest - Minor Health
Enchant Chest - Minor Mana
Enchant Chest - Minor Stats
Enchant Chest - Restore Mana Prime
Enchant Chest - Stats
Enchant Chest - Superior Health
Enchant Chest - Superior Mana
Enchant Cloak - Defense
Enchant Cloak - Fire Resistance
Enchant Cloak - Greater Agility
Enchant Cloak - Greater Defense
Enchant Cloak - Greater Resistance
Enchant Cloak - Lesser Agility
Enchant Cloak - Lesser Fire Resistance
Enchant Cloak - Lesser Protection
Enchant Cloak - Lesser Shadow Resistance
Enchant Cloak - Major Armor
Enchant Cloak - Minor Agility
Enchant Cloak - Minor Protection
Enchant Cloak - Minor Resistance
Enchant Cloak - Resistance
Enchant Cloak - Spell Penetration
Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense
Enchant Gloves - Advanced Herbalism
Enchant Gloves - Advanced Mining
Enchant Gloves - Agility
Enchant Gloves - Assault
Enchant Gloves - Blasting
Enchant Gloves - Fishing
Enchant Gloves - Greater Agility
Enchant Gloves - Greater Strength
Enchant Gloves - Herbalism
Enchant Gloves - Mining
Enchant Gloves - Minor Haste
Enchant Gloves - Skinning
Enchant Gloves - Strength
Enchant Gloves - Threat
Enchant Shield - Greater Spirit
Enchant Shield - Intellect
Enchant Shield - Lesser Protection
Enchant Shield - Lesser Spirit
Enchant Shield - Lesser Stamina
Enchant Shield - Major Stamina
Enchant Shield - Minor Stamina
Enchant Shield - Spirit
Enchant Shield - Stamina
Enchant Shield - Superior Spirit
Enchant Shield - Tough Shield
Enchant Weapon - Agility
Enchant Weapon - Crusader
Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon
Enchant Weapon - Greater Striking
Enchant Weapon - Icy Chill
Enchant Weapon - Lesser Beastslayer
Enchant Weapon - Lesser Striking
Enchant Weapon - Lifestealing
Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit
Enchant Weapon - Minor Beastslayer
Enchant Weapon - Minor Striking
Enchant Weapon - Strength
Enchant Weapon - Striking
Enchant Weapon - Unholy Weapon
Enchanted Leather
Enchanted Thorium
Greater Magic Wand
Greater Mystic Wand
Large Prismatic Shard
Lesser Magic Wand
Lesser Mana Oil
Lesser Mystic Wand
Minor Mana Oil
Minor Wizard Oil
Prismatic Sphere
Superior Mana Oil
Superior Wizard Oil
Wizard Oil

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